City groups are mid-sized communities of people seeking to tangibly demonstrate the grace of the gospel as they share life together, deepen their faith in jesus, and engage a pocket of our city. 

Art in the Park, 2015


There is no better way to forge deep friendships than to lock arms in mission together. As we intentionally spend time together in our City Groups, we have the opportunity not only to prayerfully engage our city but also to enrich our friendships by "doing life" together. 


City Groups are intentionally focused on those outside the church. We want to be a church that does more than simply invite our friends and neighbors to services. Our City Groups provide space for friends and neighbors to connect with real people and wrestle with the claims of the gospel. It's through City Groups that we develop and implement plans of service in our neighborhoods as well as throw great parties!


Our City Groups are an excellent place to explore God's Word together. The emphasis of our City Groups is less academic and more application-driven. The gospel bears fruit, and God's grace is on the move to transform His people and the communities in which they live. Our City Groups are more than Bible studies. They're a time for us to consider how God's Word shapes the image of Christ in us and equips us to minister to our city. 


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city groups video

This short video explains more about Christ Community Church City Groups.