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The Servant King: A Series in the Gospel of Mark | FALL/WINTER 2019

The Gospel of Mark invites us to explore the question, “Who is this Jesus?” Throughout his account of the life and ministry of Jesus, Mark reveals the struggle of Jesus’s hearers, both friends and foes, to grasp that He truly is the Son of God and the long-ago promised Messiah. Mark highlights the tension that we often experience as we encounter The Servant King. Jesus draws attention to the fact that He is not the type of King that many expected but a King who establishes a radically countercultural kingdom through service and suffering. Mark underscores that King Jesus determined to overthrow the legalistic, religious establishment and to inaugurate a kingdom that turns the value system of the world on its head, where the goal is to serve rather than be served. Come along as we journey with and marvel at The Servant King.

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